Academic Advising


The Advising Department would like to wish you a warm welcome.  We are glad you’re here and can’t wait to work with you!

Primarily, our advisors are here to help you with selecting the appropriate courses throughout your degree program, succeeding in those courses, and graduating in a timely manner.

Other areas where we frequently assist are:

  • academic and professional goal setting
  • time management
  • resource referral
  • understanding your plan of study
  • understanding the Academy’s academic policies

How to Book an Advising Session

Advising sessions are booked using Microsoft Booking. To access the booking page, log into your MyApps account, click on the Campus Cafe logo from your MyApps dashboard to access your Campus Cafe student portal, and click on the Schedule an Appointment logo in the Campus Cafe main menu.

A how-to guide for booking an advising session using Microsoft Booking can be found here.
Advising sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes and are conducted via Teams or over the phone.

When to Schedule an Advising Appointment

If you are a newly accepted student, you will need to book your first advising session and get advised prior to submitting your first registration.

Advising sessions are required once per semester. General Education Advising sessions are suggested more frequently, approximately once per month.

Who Is My Advisor?

You can locate the name of your assigned advisor(s) in the top-left corner of your unofficial transcript in Campus Cafe. To view your unofficial transcript, log into your MyApps account, click on the Campus Cafe logo from your MyApps dashboard, click on the Transcript logo in the Campus Cafe main menu, and click submit.

If you are an undergraduate student, your General Education Advisor will advise you through completion of all general education (freshman/sophomore) course requirements. Upon completion of all general education course requirements, you will transition to working with your assigned Faculty Advisor.
If you are a graduate student, you will work with your Faculty Advisor throughout the entirety of your program.

Our Advisors

Jennifer Feibelman
Dr. Fred Cromartie
Dr. Brandon Spradley

Dr. Brandon Spradley

Dean of Graduate Studies

Email Dr. Spradley

B.S.S. Sports Management
B.S.S. Sports Studies
M.S.S. Sports Management
M.S.S. Sports Studies
Ed.D. Sports Management

Dr. Roch King

Dr. Roch King

Chair of Sports Coaching

Email Dr. King

B.S.S. Sports Coaching
M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Ed.D. Sports Management

Dr. Katrina Wahlstrom

Dr. Katrina Wahlstrom

Chair of Sports Exercise Science

Email Dr. Wahlstrom

B.S.S. Sports Strength & Conditioning
M.S.S. Sports Exercise Science

Email Us!

Still not sure who your advisor is?  Email and we’ll get you in contact with your advisor.

Academic Catalogs

Each student’s academic catalog is set by their first term of enrollment in their declared program unless otherwise noted in their student records. Below are the Programs of Study for the current Academic Year. The academic catalogs for the current academic year can be found here. Students may find Programs of Study from previous years in past catalogs. Questions regarding your academic catalog should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Graduate Programs of Study